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Premium Grade Polyester Glitter, Non-Toxic, Epoxy & Solvent Safe, UV Resistant

We are able to keep our prices low because we buy bulk amounts of glitter direct from the manufacture. If you compare our per ounce / per gram price to ANY other glitter supplier you will see that we have THE lowest prices, period.

For our glitter color names we like to keep it very simple. Cute crafty names are great for marketing, we get it, but it can be very confusing.  Our red glitter is labeled "Light Red" or “Red” or "Dark Red" and so on…..


We have over 196 different colors of glitter in 4 different sizes sold in 2 oz. and 4 oz. bags

(bags are by actual weight not BY volume like some other sellers, which means you get more glitter for your money)

ULTRA FINE - 1/128’' (.008)
FINE - 1/64’’ (.015)
CHUNKY - 1/24’' (.040)
FAT ASS - 1/10’' (.100)

There are TWO popular types of glitter on the market:

“Premium Grade Polyester Glitter” and "Craft Glitter"

#1: “Premium Grade Polyester Glitter” - Made from polyester, it has a high sparkle and is very high quality, it is usually sold in high end glitter boutiques for a higher price. Polyester glitter is premium grade, non-toxic, epoxy/solvent safe, and UV resistant.  ALL of our glitter is 100% Premium Grade Polyester Glitter

#2: “Craft Glitter” Made from PVC, it has a decent sparkle but is very low quality, it is usually sold for a low price in big name craft stores (like Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc...). Craft glitter is not epoxy/solvent safe and the glitter may melt/bleed with certain types of epoxy/solvents. We DO NOT sell "craft glitter".