We bag all of our glitter using automated glitter bagging machines. We start off with large "master bags" that weigh 75-100 pounds each. When our machines finish each master bag we always have small amounts of glitter left over. Your grab bag will contain less than 2 ounces (57 grams) of glitter. You may receive a 50 gram grab bag, you may receive a 20 gram grab bag, it all depends.


This is a great opportunity to try other colors / sizes that you may not normally purchase. Each grab bag will be labeled with the type / color / flake size and the glitter type / color / flake size will be random. If you purchase multiple grabs bags you will receive all different colors. 



There is a strict limit of (10) total grab bags per order.

 If you attempt to purchase more than (10) grab bags on a single order you will not be sent any amount over (10) and you will not be refunded for any extra dollars spent.