These samples are game changers...


You can look at glitter on a computer screen or in a jar and it will look completely different from what it will look like in person or in epoxy. We came up with a way to incorporate all of our available glitter colors into thin sheets of clear epoxy and sell them as a complete sample set. Each set below will have one of every color of the actual glitter that is offered in that series.

Since we opened in 2019 we were the first major glitter supplier to offer a complete set of all of our glitter colors in epoxy, and to this day we are still the only supplier to do it.

We make each sample in-house using our very own glitter. Each individual color sample is about the thickness of 2 credit cards and approximately 2x2 inches (length x width). The backs of each color sample will be labeled with the color name / flake size / glitter series.